What is a dental digital impression?

Kingsport, TN If you’ve ever needed a dental restoration — a crown, bridge, veneer or retainer, for instance — then you may recall a putty-like material that your dentist would put in trays to make impressions of your teeth. Many dentist offices have embraced technological advances and are taking digital impressions now instead. Digital impressions, […]

Understanding Digital Dental Impressions

Kingsport, TN Standard dental impressions help create restorations for dental patients. However, with consistent technological advances in dentistry, digital impressions are revolutionizing how dentists can create more accurate results for a natural look. Using lasers and other optical scanning devices, you can create a computer-generated model of your patient’s hard and soft tissues. The model […]

Why Digital Impressions are Highly Recommended

Kingsport, TN Advances in technology have changed almost every industry in the world, including dentistry. Is your practice keeping pace with the latest innovations? Many dentists operating at the forefront of their field now offer digital impressions for making precise restorations. In this article, your state-of-the-art dental laboratory, Premier Dental Arts, explores just a few […]