4 Factors to Consider when Deciding the Best Implant Denture Treatment

Kingsport, TN The most common complaint about conventional denture treatments is that they are uncomfortable. Whether based on fit or performance, traditional dentures often fail to provide a quality experience consistently. Therefore, dental implants are an effective method to support or retain ill-fitting dentures. Our dental lab experts at Premier Dental Arts share on the […]

7 Essential Tools for a Smooth Dental Implant Procedure

Kingsport, TN As a dental practitioner, you strive to provide the best quality care for your patients. With the increase in demand for dental implants, your office must prepare through extensive coursework and training for diagnostics, techniques, surgical skills, and proper tool setup. Even though a mountain of information outlines clinical protocols and surgical methods, […]

Are you Cementing Zirconia Crowns the Wrong Way?

Kingsport, TN As zirconia crowns increase in popularity, many dental practitioners are switching from conventional PFM crowns. Zirconia crowns are extremely durable and provide natural smile aesthetics that can last the patient’s lifetime with proper care. Unfortunately, since zirconia crowns are a relatively new treatment, many dentists refrain from using them or learning how to […]

3 Reasons to Ditch Traditional Impressions and Switch to Digital

Kingsport, TN The dental industry continuously evolves to envelope the most cutting-edge procedures to recreate a patient smile. Although many dentists may feel more comfortable with traditional methods, updating treatments that use technology can be more effective and efficient. Even more important, your patient will receive top-quality services when you invest in alternatives to technology […]

3 Must-Ask Questions before Choosing a Dental Lab

Kingsport, TN Choosing the best dental lab for your practice can be overwhelming. Whether opening a new dental office or having an established practice, your relationship with the dental lab and its technicians is crucial to your patient’s happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, before making a final selection and submitting your first order, there are some […]

Why you should offer Clear Aligners if you aren’t Already

Kingsport, TN Dentists strive to provide the best solutions to their patients in their practice. Trying to meet patient needs in-house requires continuing education to learn cutting-edge techniques and new technology to improve patient care. Implementing the service requires little training and can benefit your patients and practice if you don’t currently offer clear aligners […]

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Kingsport, TN The world of dental science is continually growing and changing. Think about how dentistry has changed since you left dental school. You know the importance of maintaining a state-of-the-art dental practice. Today that means making use of digital technology. Digital imaging systems capture pictures for diagnostic purposes or impressions to be used as […]

Expert Tips for the Best Custom Shade Matching

Kingsport, TN Matching restoration colors to the patient’s natural tooth enamel can be challenging. As a result, it could leave the patient dissatisfied and frustrated with their treatment if done incorrectly. Unfortunately, it could mean you lose them as patients in addition to those with who they share their experiences. Therefore, our expert dental lab […]