Understanding Digital Dental Impressions

digital dental impressionKingsport, TN

Standard dental impressions help create restorations for dental patients. However, with consistent technological advances in dentistry, digital impressions are revolutionizing how dentists can create more accurate results for a natural look. Using lasers and other optical scanning devices, you can create a computer-generated model of your patient’s hard and soft tissues. The model provides dentists the opportunity to thoroughly examine a patient’s oral health condition immediately rather than casting a mold, using a mirror, or looking at an X-ray. At Premier Dental Arts, we share basic information about digital dental impressions on the blog today so that you can have a clearer understanding of why this technology would be a good investment for your practice.

Digital Impression Creation

A digital impression uses a photographic series or digital video to capture precise mouth measurements. Additionally, both methods send several small photos joined together in specialized software that creates a detailed map of your teeth and gums. Patients can view their images on a chair-side monitor in most dental offices. Then, dentists can immediately send the images to our professional dental lab for our team to begin creating dental treatments for your patients.

Digital Impression Process

Like most dental treatments, the digital impression process is a step-by-step procedure to capture crucial information for crafting restorations. First, isolate the tooth or teeth in the scanning area and apply a contrast medium, if required. Then, using an intraoral wand, slowly scan the affected area to generate the digital impression. Next, notate the patient’s chart about the shade, color, and material needed. Finally, electronically transmit your digital scans to Premier Dental Arts so that our team can create your patient’s restoration.

Digital Impression Training

Training on digital impressions is crucial for both dentists and assistants. Additionally, staff members must attend a manufacturer-hosted training program to ensure the effective use of digital impression systems. Manufacturers often provide in-office trainers to teach staff members about equipment installation and service. After training is complete, your staff can take and administer digital impressions. Depending on your practice’s location, some manufacturers provide off-site training facilities.

Digital Impression Benefits

Capturing digital impressions can improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Furthermore, sending impressions to the laboratory can occur in seconds rather than a few days. As a result, patient treatment may be faster and reduce their need to visit a dental office multiple times for the same treatment.

Our Premier Dental Arts team lists additional benefits of digital impressions below

  • Reduction in errors
  • Less patient chair time
  • Environmentally friendly paper-free submissions
  • An eco-friendly solution that eliminates plastic trays
  • No alginate is necessary, reducing gag reflex
  • Improved quality impressions for better fitted restorative solutions
  • A whole mouth scan in a few minutes and a partial scan in one to two minutes
  • More comfortable experience, especially with those who suffer from dental anxiety

Our highly trained staff at Premier Dental Arts uses digital dental impressions to create the most natural-looking dental treatments for your patients. Using cutting-edge technology, you can eliminate some guesswork and make stellar patient restorations. Furthermore, you can improve your patient’s overall experience and reduce their visit time, allowing you to schedule more patients. If you have questions about digital dental impressions or want to know more, contact Premier Dental Arts at (888) 732-5221 or contact us online.