Understanding the Latest Dental Technology

latest dental technologyKingsport, TN

Much to the delight of dentists, lab specialists and patients, dentistry has stepped into the modern world and gone digital! Technology is advancing, improving the overall dental experience for patients and dental teams.

Our lab professionals at Premier Dental Arts in Kingston have put together a list of emerging, transformative technology that we’re most excited about. Read on to take a look at the list and decide which you’ll implement in your practice so that you and your staff and patients begin reaping the benefits of more comfortable, precise dental care:  

Intraoral scanners

Say farewell to all that goopy, gag-inducing putty used in error-prone mold impressions to make dentures, implants and orthodontic devices. Intramural scanners to the rescue! In a fraction of the time it takes dental teams to make impressions, these wand-like scanners take images of a person’s entire mouth, turning the images into a precise 3D dental model that can be used to make prosthetics and devices. These scanners also save time between the dentist and the lab since the model can be sent digitally.

Design technology

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing have given dentists the technology at their fingertips to design and fabricate complex restorations in-office! Dental procedures and processes that once took weeks can now be completed in mere hours. With intramural scanning and design technology, a patient’s time in the dental chair is drastically cut, resulting in an overall more comfortable experience with the dentist.

Digital radiography

Most dentists still use x-rays but no longer rely on film processing that was slow, expensive and took up space in the dental office. Advanced x-rays create digital radiographic images right on a computer screen.

Zirconia crowns

For the longest time, gold crowns or porcelain fused to gold were considered the gold standard. But technology is advancing for materials, and zirconia is a breakthrough non-metal replacement that many dentists are currently offering. Zirconia replacements are more durable, customizable and easier to match color. Since they’re not made of metal, patients who are allergic to metal now have a durable option.

Digital records/charts

Paperwork is so yesterday. Patient records on paper take up too much time and space and are often disorganized. Digital records allow for more efficient communication between the dentist, the team and the patient. They make it easier to update patient information and strengthen patient privacy.

Advanced technology for dental practices throughout the Southeast United States

Working with our dental lab professionals at Premier Dental Arts has never been easier. Our specialists are trained in using cutting-edge equipment, technology and materials to quickly and accurately fabricate prosthetics that are precise, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Give our specialists a call at (888) 732-5221, or contact us online today.