Why you should offer Clear Aligners if you aren’t Already

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Dentists strive to provide the best solutions to their patients in their practice. Trying to meet patient needs in-house requires continuing education to learn cutting-edge techniques and new technology to improve patient care. Implementing the service requires little training and can benefit your patients and practice if you don’t currently offer clear aligners at your practice. That’s why our dental lab pros at Premier Dental Arts share on the blog today why you should offer clear aligners at your practice if you aren’t already.

Clear Aligners are Not a Fad

Attempting to capitalize on the newest trends or technology in the dental industry can be risky and pose unknown treatment and procedure challenges. Additionally, some treatments may have unwarranted or undiscovered side effects that could be harmful to your patient’s health. However, clear aligners have a 20-year history and are an effective solution for crooked teeth. Over time, clear aligners are becoming an increasingly popular treatment as they are more discreet than traditional braces. Therefore, our dental lab technicians recommend including clear aligner treatments in your services, especially since they have a strong performance history with documented results.

Clear Aligner Benefits

Clear aligners offer multiple benefits for your patients and your practice. Not only are clear aligners a subtle way to straighten patient smiles, but they provide more freedom to enjoy foods patients love. Furthermore, patients have more flexibility in their schedule as most need check-in appointments only and can skip regular adjustments required by braces. Therefore, after the initial consultation and treatment plan set up, there is little effort to produce a stellar smile. However, some patients may struggle complying to the treatment plan, but it is adjustable. Fortunately, most patients can complete treatment easily without complications or compliance issues.

Offering Clear Aligners Means Fewer Referrals and More Revenue

Referring patients to a specialist means lost revenue for your practice, even if the patient receives excellent care. However, when you offer clear aligners for mild to moderate adjustments, you can expand your services, retain the revenue relating to the new services, and provide excellent care in your practice where your patient is comfortable with you and your staff. Our dental lab experts explain that the time invested into learning a new procedure and implementing the service is minimal and could pour more revenue into your practice. As more patients desire to discreetly straighten their teeth without needing to wear traditional braces, adding clear aligners to your services can provide another stream of income that could grow with the rise in their popularity.

At Premier Dental Arts, our full-service dental lab offers the industry’s highest quality products so that your patients can smile again with confidence. Whether your patient suffers from crooked or gapped teeth, our expertly trained technicians can craft the perfect piece to straighten your patient’s smile. Our commitment to being the best is reflected in each restoration we create. Please call us at (888) 732-5221 to learn more about our comprehensive services or begin a partnership to benefit your patients.