Why you should be taking a Preventive Approach with Bruxism

bruxismKingsport, TN

Patients who visit your dental practice for a routine checkup deserve the best preventative dental treatments available. Therefore, when you notice classic bruxism signs like excessive wear, smooth or flattened surfaces, or minor damage, it’s crucial to mention it to your patient. Failing to do so could cost the patient more for advanced treatments and sour their opinion of your practice. Therefore, our dental lab experts at Premier Dental Arts share on the blog today why you should be taking a preventative approach with bruxism to prevent future damage and satisfy your patient so that they return.

Practical Benefits

When you take a preventative approach to bruxism before the situation worsens, you show your patient you care about their oral health and wallet. Satisfied patients who believe you have their best interest in mind share their experiences frequently and willingly, resulting in referrals that can boost your bottom line. Additional benefits for your practice, as outlined below, can occur when you take action when bruxism patients enter your dental office.

  • Fewer Emergency Visits

Seeing patients in pain can be tough for dentists who are compassionate and caring. Unfortunately, a chipped or cracked tooth associated with bruxism can be very painful. Even though you can confidently administer treatment, you could avoid advanced and expensive treatments when you focus on preventing the condition. Our dental lab technicians encourage you to address bruxism concerns as soon as possible to help reduce the number of patients in severe pain and the need for emergency care.

  • Building Trust

Your dental practice thrives on building relationships with patients that foster trust. Patients who find dentists they trust are loyal, no matter their oral health condition. Therefore, when you share with the patient the signs they have bruxism, they believe you, follow your recommendation for treatment, and know that you genuinely care about their oral health. As a result, you develop a long-term relationship built on trust. Moreover, the same patients typically share your practice’s name as a trusted source for dental care and can help increase your revenue through referrals.

Occlusal Splints for Bruxism

Relieving patient pain and preventing damage caused by bruxism should be your number one priority to protect the patient’s oral health. Therefore, our dental lab professionals can fabricate Comfort H/S Bite Splints customized to your patient’s bite plane needs. The material is ISO-certified ERKODENT® copolyester and polyurethane disks that are non-allergenic and BPA-free. Patient’s can choose their favorite color from pink, blue, green, or clear.

At Premier Dental Arts, our full-service dental lab offers the industry’s highest quality products so that your patients can smile again with confidence. Whether your patient suffers from bruxism or a missing tooth, our heavily trained technicians can craft the perfect piece to restore good oral health and functionality. Our commitment to being the best is reflected in each restoration we create. Please call us at (888) 732-5221 to learn more about our comprehensive services or begin a partnership to benefit your patients.