What’s Actually Happening when your Lab Fabricates a Set of Dentures

lab fabricating denturesKingsport, TN

Dental implants have increased in popularity, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants or is qualified to get them. You may still have patients request dentures as a total tooth replacement option. Traditional dentures remain a viable option for patients who are not candidates for dental implants and will likely stay that way. But it helps to know what your trusted dental lab does to fabricate an amazing set of dentures so that you can assure your patients that they will receive top-notch replacement teeth.

Pouring the Model

The initial impression is the foundation for how well the dentures will look and fit once made by your dental lab. Start by taking impressions of the patient’s upper and lower dental arch. You may need to add tray wax to extend the margins if need be. Then, once removed, the model needs to be poured using a vibration machine to eliminate bubbles and voids. The model is sent to your dental lab where the work begins.

The Tray and Bite Rim

A qualified lab technician uses bite rims to contour along the impressions. The purpose of the bite rims is to fabricate the correct lip support provided by the front incisors. Too bulky, and the patient’s lips bulge and look unnatural. If too thin, their lips will lack support and won’t look natural. So, this process is paramount in crafting the best set of dentures.

Model Articulation

Next, the lab technician uses a model to replicate the patient’s bite. This step also is essential in creating a truly custom set of dentures that look, feel, and function completely naturally. If the bite is too tall or collapsed, the patient may experience discomfort or jaw pain and look unnatural when they smile. They may also find it difficult to eat wearing their dentures, which could lead them to throwing their dentures in the drawer!

Setting the Teeth and Adding Wax Model

Once the model is made, the artificial teeth are set to ensure a comfortable bite and the proper size and length of each tooth. Additional wax may be added for soft tissue support and a natural look. Then, we like to return the model to the dentist’s office so that the patient can try them in. During this visit, the dentist is encouraged to make notes regarding any changes that should be made before the dentures are finalized.

The Final Steps

Now the dentures are ready to be finalized. The model is placed in a device called a flask that is filled with plaster. Once dried, the upper denture is done the same way. The flask is then heated to melt the wax, leaving only the teeth and denture mold behind. Now, acrylic mixing begins by mixing a monomer with a polymer. Then, this acrylic mixture is poured into the flask, pressing the upper and lower flash together, and heat treated to harden the acrylic. Afterward, all plaster is removed, revealing a set of dentures.

Before sending the dentures back to the dentist’s office, we finish and polish them to ensure they are shiny and smooth, making any adjustments as necessary.

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