What Makes Premier Dental Arts the Go-To Dental Lab in Kingsport?

Kingsport, TN

If you’re a dentist looking for a new dental lab, you may be reluctant to switch even if you are dissatisfied with your current lab because finding a new one can seem daunting. Not to mention, you’re busy and probably don’t have the time to check into every nearby dental lab. However, here at Premier Dental Arts, we provide consistent quality and superior customer service, as well as quality restorations for patients. We’ve been exceeding industry standards in dentistry for decades. So today on the blog, we share what makes our office the go-to dental lab in Kingsport.

We offer a range of restoration options

Part of being at the top of the dental field means staying abreast of the newest techniques and materials that yield exceptional results for patients. We’ve been around long enough to see dentistry transform from using restorations that were mostly metal to the preferred all-porcelain varieties and understand that patients these days want options, which is why we offer only the finest restoration options for you and your patients.

Here are some of the most common restorations that Premier Dental Arts offers:

  • CHROME GuidedSmile
  • Full contour zirconia
  • Emax
  • PFMs
  • Reconstructive dentures
  • Flex partials

We also offer other dental lab services. Please contact Premier Dental Arts directly for more information.

We specialize in implant dentistry

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Premier Dental Arts is that we specialize in implant dentistry and implant loading. Whether your patient needs a single unit or full arch restoration, our decades of experience mean that we create premium restorations and can handle complex implant cases. As a dentist, you understand the importance of proper implant placement and craftsmanship. And patients appreciate a natural looking prosthetic, whether it’s a temporary or permanent restoration. While patients are more focused on the look of their prosthesis, you focus just as much on the implant’s success. To help minimize those risks, it’s essential to choose a trusted dental lab with implant loading experience. We offer delayed and immediate dental loading for your implant surgical needs. And we take the same care when fabricating a temporary prosthesis as we do for the final porcelain restoration.

We offer online resources

You’re busy, we get it, which is why we make submitting orders easy for you. All our forms are available online, and you can easily print them in your office. We also provide a doctor’s portal where you can submit your lab orders online and avoid the need for calling us to schedule a pick-up. Our complimentary pick-up services are available to dental practices located in Tennessee’s Tri-Cities region. However, we are also proud to offer services to any dental practice in the United States. If your practice is outside of our local pick-up area, you can conveniently ship your patient’s impressions to our lab. Additionally, print your UPS shipping label right from our website as well.

Best Dental Lab in Kingsport, Tennessee

Choosing a dental lab shouldn’t be burdensome. The word “premier” isn’t in our business name by chance. Premier Dental Arts is one of the most trusted dental labs in the Tri-Cities area for a good reason. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations. To learn more or to schedule a pick-up, please call Premier Dental Arts at (888) 732-5221.