What are the Pros and Cons of Same-Day Implants?

same day dental implantsKingsport, TN

Right now, it’s estimated that there are more than 36 million Americans who have lost at least one permanent tooth. Living with even one missing tooth can, over the long term, hinder your oral health and overall wellness. When it comes to replacing lost teeth, the best option available is a dental implant. For years, receiving a dental implant was a lengthy process that took months to complete. Now, same-day dental implants represent a potential revolution in the dental industry. Read on as Premier Dental Arts evaluates the positives and negatives of same-day implants.

What is a same-day implant?

A traditional dental implant is installed by surgically placing the implant in the jawbone, then allowing the patient to heal from the procedure—a process that could take months. A same-day implant is placed in a manner that prevents the implant from moving during the healing process, thanks to an implant-supported crown that locks the implant in place. A dentist also may opt to use a small-diameter implant for placing a same-day dental implant.

The All-On-Four treatment is a type of same-day implants. This entails placing a complete arch of replacement teeth, which receives support from four dental implants that are placed at strategic locations in the mouth to provide proper support.

The pros of same-day implants

Patient satisfaction: Patients often prefer a same-day implant because of its convenience. Receiving a same-day implant means the patient can eat and talk in relative comfort without the gap in their smile and without having to wear a partial denture while the implant screw fuses with the jawbone.

No bone graft: Not having the right amount of bone density may disqualify a patient from receiving an implant. A same-day implant usually negates this risk because the implants are placed in locations of maximum density.

Cost: A same-day implant tends to be less expensive than traditional implants. Also, the techniques for same-day implants are proven and effective, meaning you can receive one and enjoy the same degree of long-term success you would from a standard implant.

The cons of same-day implants

  • High compliance needed: No matter what type of implant procedure you choose, the implant screw itself must integrate with the bone. This process is vital to the entire procedure and cannot be rushed. For a same-day implant, full compliance by the patient is a must. That means sticking to a diet of soft foods and avoiding eating things that are hard or crunchy, usually for 6-8 weeks. Failure to follow these instructions could make the implant move, increasing the risk of implant failure.
  • Aesthetics: The restoration placed right after surgery usually is temporary and remains in place until the implant fuses completely with the jawbone. Temporary restorations are crafted from temporary materials, and aren’t built to last, nor do they look as good as porcelain restorations.
  • Dental skill: A same-day implant only should be performed by an extensively skilled dentist to make for the greatest likelihood of a successful outcome. You only want to pursue a procedure of this type when it is performed by a dentist with major experience in implant dentistry.

Your cutting-edge implant laboratory

Working with same-day implants is a big decision that can elevate your practice. Making this choice means finding the right implant laboratory. Premier Dental Arts is the top implant lab in the Southeast region, and we have certification to fabricate implant abutments for nearly every major brand. To find out more about our implant abutments or any of our other services, call (888) 732-5221 today.