The Best Way to Improve your Dental Implant Procedures

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Digital impressions have become the new norm for implant treatments and are a long-overdue advancement in dentistry. The use of intraoral scanners during implant operations has several advantages. For example, some advantages to adopting digital methods for an extremely demanding and precise profession are time and cost savings, more accuracy, and a seamless experience for patients. So, our dental lab pros at Premier Dental Arts share on the blog today the best way to improve your dental implant procedures so that you can improve accuracy and efficacy in implant restorations and make your patients happy.

Traditional Implant Procedure Challenges

One of the main difficulties in completing an implant surgery is effectively capturing the tissue shapes and other intraoral properties that are specific to the patient in a scan stone model. Our dental lab technicians explain that the number of steps required to manufacture an implant using “analog” techniques offers too much space for error and lag time. Too frequently, trays and putty used as models for building implants and abutments are unable to take into consideration the complex curves of a patient’s oral anatomy, leading to inaccurate designs for the metal rods and abutments required for the procedure.

Digital Impressions Defined

The issues of latency and accuracy can be effectively solved by digital impressions. Modern technology called digital impressions enables the practitioner to record a virtual, 3-D image of the patient’s oral anatomy, including the hard and soft tissues as well as other intraoral elements. Our dental lab experts explain that the patient’s oral anatomy is scanned to build a model, which is then transmitted straight to a digital lab for design and manufacture, expediting the development of the master cast.

Digital Impression Benefits

Digital impressions benefit implants in several ways, not the least of which is the reduction in mold-making time.

Digital imprints are also utilized in the following other ways to enhance implants:

  • Create Highly Accurate Master Casts – Clinicians find it considerably simpler to produce precise master castings thanks to the curves and tissues evident in the virtual reproduction.
  • Decrease the Abutment Number – Many implants made with clay and putty have an improper angle and must be redesigned. This is an expensive mistake that merely sows doubt in the patient’s mind.
  • Reduce Chair-Side Time – The actual procedure takes less time with more accurate data. The patient and the physician benefit from this since it gives them more time in the day for other activities.

Premier Dental Arts

Substantial evidence exists to support the claim that intraoral scanners increase the efficiency and accuracy of impressions, which would otherwise be a time-consuming and potentially error-prone operation. The dentist and lab staff can see the distinct topographical aspects of the patient’s oral anatomy thanks to digital scanning and modeling, which results in a higher-quality implant. Not only do your patients receive stellar results, but it can build their confidence and trust in your practice. So, partner with our experienced dental lab for quality service through digital impressions. If you have questions or would like to know more about available digital imaging solutions and how they can benefit your practice, call our expert dental lab technicians at Premier Dental Arts at (888) 732-5221 or contact us online today.