3 Undeniable Reasons to Opt for CHROME GuidedSMILE for your Implant Surgeries

guided smileKingsport, TN

If you offer dental implants to your patients, you definitely want the best results possible, especially since patients expect their implants to last a lifetime. One of the best ways you can ensure this success with implant cases is by using the top-notch technology like CHROME GuidedSMILE. This computer-guided surgical technology helps you place implants with complete accuracy and improved safety than methods of the past. So today on the blog, explore three undeniable reasons to opt for CHROME GuidedSMILE for your implant surgeries.

Reason 1) Precision Planning

Implant surgery is a highly involved procedure that requires a substantial amount of treatment planning for the best outcomes and experience for patients. The CHROME GuidedSMILE technology helps make surgery planning a breeze. This technology uses cone beam CT scans to gather 3D images and then transmits those images to the CHROME planning software so that you can visualize the patient’s jawbone, tissues, surrounding teeth, and nerves. This way, you can map out the dental implant placement for the highest level of precision. Once your patient returns to your office to begin their treatment, you’ll have a guide already prepared to ensure the best possible outcome. Additionally, patients will appreciate the ease of use that the technology uses to quickly scan their oral structures, and the entire scanning process is completely painless.

Reason 2) Comfortable Procedure

From a patient’s perspective, comfort during their implant surgery is at the top of their list of expectations. And getting dental implants can be a scary process for some patients. But as the dentist, you can help your patients feel more comfortable just by using upgraded implant technology. Relying on computer-guided surgery takes the guesswork out of the implant procedure. Dentists often report that using CHROME GuidedSMILE reduces treatment time, and is minimally invasive for patients, making the entire experience more desirable for both dentists and patients. Plus, the planning done beforehand helps reduce the chance of unexpected problems or risks that could otherwise delay or prolong treatment and the quality of the outcome.

Reason 3) Get the Best Results

Dental implants are designed to restore a patient’s bite and improve chewing ability, but there is certainly an aesthetic aspect to the procedure. CHROME-guided surgery helps dentists derive a more aesthetically pleasing outcome, which is extremely important when dealing with restorations in the front of the mouth that are visible when the patient smiles or in cases of full-mouth dental implants. Therefore, accurate surgical placement results in a precise fit, which is more attractive and comfortable for patients.

Should you choose CHROME GuidedSMILE for your practice?

The benefits of CHROME-guided surgery are clear when you’re performing complex procedures. If you’re placing implants without the proper technology, you could be leaving your patients at risk for subpar outcomes or worse. Additionally, referring implant cases to a specialist means you’re losing valuable income opportunities. Therefore, consider CHROME GuidedSMILE for your practice. It won’t take long to see the long-term payoffs of investing in this technology. If you would like to learn more about CHROME GuidedSMILE, please contact Premier Dental Arts by calling (888) 732-5221.