How to make a Perfect Denture Impression

Kingsport, TN

Dental implants have quickly become a popular restorative procedure for missing teeth. Some people prefer not to have implants, however, and others may not be suitable candidates. In these cases, full or partial dentures are still the go-to dental restorative choice. A high-quality, accurate denture impression — preferably on the first try — is fundamental for both proper fit and a patient’s desired aesthetics. Let’s look today at tips shared by our full-service dental lab specialists in Kingsport TN on how to make the perfect denture impression on the first try:

Tray size matters

A poorly-fitting tray won’t make the best impression. Fit the tray in the patient’s mouth and make sure it has a bit of “wiggle room” — literally — for the impression material you’ll add next. If the fit is too tight without impression material, chances are your final impression is going to be flawed. Trying the tray in the patient’s mouth also gives the patient a trial run of what the impression process will feel like.

Keep margins clear

After choosing the best-fitting tray, be sure no blood or saliva is in the margins. All margins should be dry and visible for the most accurate impression.

Watch for gagging

Taking impressions has been known to induce gagging in some people. Watch for that or the patient moving around. Either could cause distortions in the impression. Usually, using a large amount of impression material is what triggers someone’s gag reflex, so try to be mindful of the amount of material you use while also being sure to use enough that the teeth don’t go all the way through the impression material, leaving a hole. In the most severe cases, practice the art of distraction and provide the patient updates on how much longer the impression may take.

Practice care removing trays

Pull trays straight off the teeth — no dragging or pulling. Anything other than a steady, straight pull down (or up) from the teeth could cause a distorted tooth impression, leading to an inaccurate prosthetic restoration.

Follow manufacturer instructions

No matter how many times you’ve taken an impression, it’s always good to review the impression material mixing directions, expiration dates and the material’s setting time.

Full-service dental lab in Kingsport, TN

Using proper techniques and materials can make taking impressions relatively quick and easy. On the other hand, having to repeat the procedure due to improper margins, rushing or excessive patient movement may result in an impression that can’t be used … or the inability of our lab to be able to create a properly-fitting prosthetic.