How do Digital Dentures Save Time?

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For centuries–as far back as the 7th century, BC–people have been using some form of denture to replace missing teeth. Modern dentures have advanced by leaps and bounds from their historic predecessors. Today, digital dentures represent one of the latest achievements in the world of tooth replacement. There are several advantages to choosing dental dentures, but one of them is the time you save. Read on as the premier dental laboratory in the Southeast, Premier Dental Arts, explains.

What are digital dentures?

Before we proceed, let’s explain what digital dentures are and how they work. Whereas conventional dentures are handmade, digital dentures are made through either CAD chairside manufacturing or 3D printing. Digital dentures are made by scanning the mouth of the patient; these images are used as a model, based on the geography of your gums and any remaining natural teeth.

How do digital dentures save time?

For the patient…

Digital dentures can be fabricated and installed in fewer appointments. That means less time in the dental chair.

The impressions are taken digitally, which makes the process more convenient and more comfortable. In addition to the improved comfort, these digital images can be captured in a matter of minutes, distilling a process that may have taken hours in traditional means.

Thanks to the efficiency of 3D printing and CAD manufacturing, digital dentures can be made more quickly than traditional dentures.

These digital images serve as an oral scan of your teeth and mouth. They also provide a solid reference for any future treatments or procedures. For particularly challenging cases, the denture design can serve as a reference point for future patients and may be duplicated.

For the dental practice …

It takes less time to fabricate digital dentures. That automated manufacture process allows for a quicker turnaround on the entire process, and also maximizing the number of patients you can see on a daily basis at your practice.

It takes expensive equipment to install the necessary infrastructure for digital dentures, but once installed, the savings in labor and time will provide consistent value.

Are digital dentures right for your patient?

This is a decision that needs to be made on a case-by-case basis, working in conjunction with your patient to determine the best outcome. In short, digital dentures can benefit both the patient and the doctor, by streamlining the entire denture process.

Digital dentures for dental practices throughout the Southeast United States

If you’re interested in offering digital dentures at your practice, you need to choose a dental laboratory you can trust to provide those dentures to your patients. Premier Digital Arts provides digital dentures to practitioners just like you throughout the entire Southeast region. Our digital digital dentures offer a chemical bond between the acrylic base of the dentures and the teeth. This makes for a stronger prosthetic, while minimizing the likelihood of dentures becoming loose when installed.

At Premier Dental Arts, we offer private-label digital dentures, and also are a certified manufacturer of PalaDigital Dentures.

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