Exploring the Future of Dental Implants

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As dental technology advancements continue to shape the future of dentistry, the innovative possibilities for treatment are endless. Over 100 million people in the United States are missing at least one or more teeth. Due to the growing number of patients needing treatment, your dental practice must stay up to date on the latest dental technology, devices, and techniques necessary for successful oral implantations. Advanced clinical procedures and modern technology will improve diagnostic care, provide precision in treatment planning, and offer faster patient healing times within the next few decades. Therefore, our professional dental lab, Premier Dental Arts, shares on the blog today information about exploring the future of dental implants and how your practice can benefit from implementing the newest technological advancements in dentistry.

Robot-Assisted Dental Implants

Soon, the standard procedure for dental implant treatments will include robot-assisted implant surgery. Neocis, a Miami-based company, recently introduced the first robotic-assisted dental surgical system, Yomi. The new technology helps implant surgeons through 3D surgical planning and guided dental implant surgical placement. Our expert dental lab techs explain that in many patient cases, Yomi can support minimally invasive, same-day flapless dental implant procedures. The Yomi software uses a patient CT scan to plan a customized implant procedure. Additionally, Yomi controls the drill direction and helps dentists monitor the implant depth, orientation, and location.

Antimicrobial Agent Introduction

Dental implants are an invasive procedure that can fail due to oral microbial infection. Therefore, researchers developed implants containing a reservoir that slowly releases anti-microbial agents to reduce or eliminate bacterial biofilms. Our dental lab experts explain that the implant is a porous titanium silica composite that allows medications to diffuse from the reservoir gradually, reducing bacteria biofilms that may cause an infection. Essentially, the specialized implants minimize implant failures due to infection.

Replacing Implants with Stem Cells

Human teeth contain stem cells that scientists are studying to find out if an adult human can replace their teeth. For example, once dentists remove a patient’s tooth, they may extract stem cells from the tooth and reimplant them to encourage the body to reproduce the missing tooth or teeth. Our dental lab pros explain that scientists are studying other species like sharks, who can replace their teeth in a few weeks. So far, stem cell research indicates the possibility of replacing implants in the future.

Premier Dental Arts

Changes in technology and their impact on the dental industry will forever alter treatments and procedures. Therefore, you must research, study, and implement new technology and procedural developments to provide the best patient care. Our state-of-the-art dental lab boasts the latest dental technology and restoration materials so that you can offer effective and successful treatments. If your dental practice technology is outdated or you would like to discuss the latest innovations to implement in your office, feel free to contact Premier Dental Arts and speak with a representative today. Please call our office at (888) 732-5221 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!