Expert Tips for the Best Custom Shade Matching

shade matchingKingsport, TN

Matching restoration colors to the patient’s natural tooth enamel can be challenging. As a result, it could leave the patient dissatisfied and frustrated with their treatment if done incorrectly. Unfortunately, it could mean you lose them as patients in addition to those with who they share their experiences. Therefore, our expert dental lab technicians at Premier Dental Arts share tips for the best custom shade matching so that you can provide stellar results for your patients.

Use High-Quality Equipment

Using current technology significantly increases the accuracy, speed, and quality of treatment outcomes. High-quality imagery can dramatically improve color match results. For example, taking digital photos and sending them to the lab via email and USB flash drive can expedite the process and provide ample time for a qualified technician to customize the restoration for an excellent color match.

Take Effective Photos

Submitting effective photos that show the shade tab and lettering and include the appropriate information required by the technician can improve the restoration results. For example, the picture should consist of the tab oriented in the same position as the patient’s teeth so that the light can reflect similarly to improve the match quality.

Work Quickly

Most dental procedures benefit from a slower pace of activity, and you want to ensure you get it right. However, when color matching, it’s best to quickly choose the appropriate shade as your eyes can experience retinal fatigue, meaning they struggle to detect the subtle differences in shades. Therefore, our experienced dental lab techs encourage dentists not to take too much time when choosing the best shade so that their eyes can focus to their best ability.

Include Multiple Shade Options

Teeth have multiple color nuances that can appear simultaneously, making them more challenging to color match correctly. However, providing various shade options to our techs can give them a more precise idea of what you want to capture in the restoration to create a customized yet realistic result for your patients.

Choose a Lab with Color-Correct Lighting

Carefully selecting a lab that can produce quality restorations requires research. Find a lab that uses cutting-edge technology, like color-correct lighting, to deliver exceptional results your patients will love. Color-correct lighting means the color seen under the lights is similar to what you can see under the direct noon sunlight on a clear day. Our skilled restoration techs explain that the results create a seamless-looking smile, as the teeth appear the same color.

Your dental practice aims for patient satisfaction at every visit. However, delivering a mismatched smile can drastically reduce the patient’s confidence in their ability to receive quality results at your practice. Furthermore, they could impact your overall business when they share their story with others, influencing their decision to become a patient. So today, take action to find a qualified dental lab that provides dental offices with precise and accurate dental prosthetics like Premier Dental Arts. Feel free to reach out to our team by calling (888) 732-5221 or contact us to learn more about how we offer the world’s most advanced dental solutions.