Don’t Buy into these 14 Myths about Dental Implants

myths about dental implantsKingsport, TN

Dental implants continue to grow in popularity as a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, many practice owners fall to misconceptions surrounding dental implants and fail to add this essential service to their skillset. However, now is an excellent time to re-examine offering dental implants since new technological advances in dental implant care make placing implants much easier and more successful than before. Our experienced dental lab techs at Premier Dental Arts share 14 myths about dental implants that you shouldn’t buy into when considering dental implant services for your patients.

  1. Only specialists can place implants

Generally, dentists can place more dental implants than oral surgeons or periodontists. Therefore, as a general dentist, you can learn how to place dental implants. In North America, 10 to 15% of general dentists place dental implants, increasing to 80 to 90% worldwide.

  1. Dental implants aren’t a necessary treatment

Complete tooth loss is a growing problem due to age, lifestyle, habits, and lack of dental care. Frequently, the barrier to dental implants is locating a suitable implant dentist.

  1. Dental implants are a multidisciplinary treatment

The same may be true for various dentistry types, and dental implants aren’t much different.

  1. Expensive diagnostic technology is needed

Many implant patients require only one implant, and placement in a healthy patient may not require costly technology. However, investing in a dental Cone Beam CT scanner can provide guided surgery and additional details for complex cases.

  1. Dental implant training is too long

Dental implants require strategy, skill, and knowledge to perform. However, beginner courses are reasonably quick to complete and help you gain the skills to offer dental implants using guided and non-guided surgery.

  1. It’s expensive to get started in implant dentistry

Like embarking on a new business venture, investing in implant dentistry can require a financial investment. However, it’s possible to start with a relatively low investment that you can build upon as you gain additional dental implant patients and experience.

  1. An implant motor drill is too costly

Although the implant motor drill is most likely the most expensive item needed for dental implants, you might be able to negotiate with your supplier and strike a deal based on the number of full-price dental implants you purchase.

  1. There are lots of hidden costs in implant dentistry

What may seem like hidden costs are fixed prices that remain relatively low. For example, implant drills will most likely need replacing every 5 to 10 cases. Additionally, irrigation lines and bags for the implant motor are necessary but are available in bulk, so they are less expensive per unit.

  1. Implant components are expensive

Implant materials vary by manufacturer and type, and the price reflects the grade of available options. In some cases, implant companies may offer special deals for bulk purchases.

  1. Additional staff is necessary to complete procedures

Most dental implant dentists only need one experienced and well-trained surgical assistant to complete an implant procedure.

  1. The additional time needed to place dental implants will increase my overhead

Although you may experience a learning curve that could impact your overhead, your efficiency will increase once you become familiar with the processes.

  1. Placing dental implants will sever my relationship with dental specialists

Most dentists know multiple specialists and consistently refer implant patients to their practice. Therefore, you must continue maintaining the relationship with specialists by occasionally referring cases. For example, extensive or complex cases or bone grafts are perfect cases for specialists.

  1. I can’t compete with discount implant centers

Some implant centers dramatically cut profit margins and categorize their products as commodities rather than necessary medical treatments. Educating your patients about dental implant value can provide them peace that they receive quality service for a fair price from a dentist they know and trust.

  1. My practice is already successful, without implants

Successful practices utilize current industry practices and technology to provide the services patients want and need. Additionally, patients today are well-informed consumers that can easily search online for another local dentist who offers dental implants.

Dentists who invest in themselves and their business can create a wave of change in patient care quality and precision. Therefore, serious consideration of offering dental implants in your practice is necessary. If you want to know more about dental implants and how Premier Dental Arts can help you, please call us at (888) 732-5221 to speak with a qualified representative today or contact us online.