Choose the Comfort H/S Night Guard for your Patients

comfort night guardKingsport, TN

For your patients that suffer from bruxism, providing a mouthpiece or night guard has been the standard method of treatment for decades. Dental technology has advanced, providing new methods of treating chronic teeth grinding. Introducing the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard, which has become the most widely prescribed type of bite splint among dentists nationwide. Premier Dental Arts proudly offers the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard in our range of products. Read on as we explain why you should start using this appliance to manage bruxism.

What is the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard, and how does it work?

This bite splint consists of two layers of material—an inner layer of soft polyurethane that is about 1 mm thick and an outer layer of hard copolyester that is 3 mm thick. When you wear the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard, the soft layer rests comfortably against the teeth and guns, not causing any irritation. The hard outer surface makes the product tough and durable, and it bonds with acrylic to make for easy modification.

The Comfort H/S™ Night Guard serves as a proactive measure against the damage that bruxism can do. The bite splint is thin enough to fit over the upper or lower teeth as you sleep. When worn, it protects teeth from the excessive wear that occurs when someone grinds their teeth. Wearing the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard also means you avoid some of the common side effects of bruxism: namely, pain emanating from the teeth, jaws, and facial muscles.

The advantages of the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard

Patients with severe, untreated bruxism can devastate their teeth. This grinding and clenching subjects your teeth to inordinate amounts of excess force, which can wear down teeth to the nubs. The Comfort H/S™ Night Guard protects your teeth from this potential catastrophic damage to the patient’s teeth and jaw joints.

Other benefits to the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard include:

  • Customizable – This bite split is patient-specific. No two Comfort H/S™ Night Guards are alike; each can be fabricated to the unique needs of every patient, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. At Premier Dental Arts, we fabricate each splint with a standard flat occlusal plane and slight opposing cusp indentation to fit your specific bite needs.
  • Protects restorations – The Comfort H/S™ Night Guard doesn’t just prevent damage to your teeth. It also is ideal for patients with existing restorations such as crowns and veneers.
  • Less risk of TMJ – You have a lower likelihood of bruxism leading to TMJ disorder, a chronic and painful condition that stems from dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.
  • Convenience – The Comfort H/S™ Night Guard is easy to maintain. Clean it with soap and warm water, rinse it with water after every use, and then store it in an open area where it can dry.

Dental Lab for the Comfort H/S™ Night Guard

Premier Dental Lab, the elite dental laboratory in the Southeast region, is proud to offer this bite splint to patients suffering from bruxism. We can produce this device in clear, blue, green, and pink. We offer state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled customer service and strive to help your practice be its best. To find out more about Comfort H/S™ Night Guard or any of our other services, call (888) 732-5221.