Understanding the Latest Dental Technology

Kingsport, TN Much to the delight of dentists, lab specialists and patients, dentistry has stepped into the modern world and gone digital! Technology is advancing, improving the overall dental experience for patients and dental teams. Our lab professionals at Premier Dental Arts in Kingston have put together a list of emerging, transformative technology that we’re […]

Is 3D Printing Worth the Hype?

Kingsport, TN As we have previously stated in our articles, the dental sector is being swiftly transformed by digital dentistry. The dentistry sector demands the quick and simple fabrication of components with complex customization. Therefore, orthodontic diagnostics and treatments greatly benefit from the use of three-dimensional (3D) dental printing. A crucial query, however, lingers in […]

The Best Way to Improve your Dental Implant Procedures

Kingsport, TN Digital impressions have become the new norm for implant treatments and are a long-overdue advancement in dentistry. The use of intraoral scanners during implant operations has several advantages. For example, some advantages to adopting digital methods for an extremely demanding and precise profession are time and cost savings, more accuracy, and a seamless […]

Why a CBCT might be your Practice’s Best Asset

Kingsport, TN Dental practices that use cutting-edge technology can transform the way dentists collect data about a patient’s oral health and design treatments based on that data. Traditionally, two-dimensional imaging systems, such as intraoral images and panoramics, don’t provide adequate information necessary to plan dental implant treatments. Fortunately, a Cone Beam CT scanner can provide […]

What’s Technology got to do with It?

Kingsport, TN As a dental practitioner, showing love to your patients through quality care using updated technology can help dental and oral health clinicians provide more accurate, faster, and well-rounded treatments. When a Swedish medical researcher invented dental implants in 1952, the procedure was a modern-day miracle. More massive breakthroughs emerged in digitally guided implant […]