Steps to the Perfect Prep for a Posterior PFM Crown

Kingsport, TN Crown preparation is one of the main revenue streams for dentists. In fact, crowns are the most common indirect restoration in dentistry, yet also the one procedure where lab technicians report having the most issues. Nearly 20-35% of crown preps are under-reduced. Unfortunately, improper or inadequate tooth preparation may cause the restoration to […]

The Importance of Shade Matching in Dental Lab Work

Kingsport, TN Dentists sell smiles, and smiles are important. They’re usually the first thing someone notices when meeting another person. They exude happiness and friendliness. They can make or break someone’s self-confidence, which can affect both personal and professional lives. There’s quite a bit of pressure in restoring a smile with implants, veneers, crowns and […]

Tips for Creating Durable and Long-Lasting Prosthetics

Kingsport, TN Dental labs partner with dentists, using cutting-edge technology and materials to make devices, including long-lasting, durable and beautiful dental restorations that a patient needs to feel self-confident behind their smile. Creating dental prosthetics requires a dentist to morph into both a scientist and an artist and then communicate very detailed information to a […]

Common Dental Impression Errors

Kingsport, TN We never get a second chance to make a first impression. And in the dentist’s office, nobody wants to take a second impression! A perfectly fitted, customized dental restoration begins chair-side. Without an excellent impression, it’s impossible for a lab to fabricate a high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing restoration … or we can make it, but […]

4 Reasons you need Wax-Ups

Kingsport, TN As technology continues to advance worldwide, so do dental procedures. Most dental labs produced restorations manually in the past, but the industry continues advancing with the invention of digital impressions and virtual smile software. However, even though you may use cutting-edge technology, you should also practice some traditional processes. For example, creating a […]