Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Kingsport, TN The world of dental science is continually growing and changing. Think about how dentistry has changed since you left dental school. You know the importance of maintaining a state-of-the-art dental practice. Today that means making use of digital technology. Digital imaging systems capture pictures for diagnostic purposes or impressions to be used as […]

Expert Tips for the Best Custom Shade Matching

Kingsport, TN Matching restoration colors to the patient’s natural tooth enamel can be challenging. As a result, it could leave the patient dissatisfied and frustrated with their treatment if done incorrectly. Unfortunately, it could mean you lose them as patients in addition to those with who they share their experiences. Therefore, our expert dental lab […]

Why a CBCT might be your Practice’s Best Asset

Kingsport, TN Dental practices that use cutting-edge technology can transform the way dentists collect data about a patient’s oral health and design treatments based on that data. Traditionally, two-dimensional imaging systems, such as intraoral images and panoramics, don’t provide adequate information necessary to plan dental implant treatments. Fortunately, a Cone Beam CT scanner can provide […]

Don’t Buy into these 14 Myths about Dental Implants

Kingsport, TN Dental implants continue to grow in popularity as a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, many practice owners fall to misconceptions surrounding dental implants and fail to add this essential service to their skillset. However, now is an excellent time to re-examine offering dental implants since new technological advances in dental implant […]

Don’t Fall for these Pitfalls about Zirconia Crowns

Kingsport, TN Zirconia restorations are strong, durable, and provide true-to-life aesthetics for your smile. Although original zirconia restorations were challenging to create because their bone-white color was difficult to manipulate without adding bulk, advances in dental technology now allow zirconia restorations to be suitable for any location in the mouth. Unfortunately, several myths about zirconia […]

What’s Technology got to do with It?

Kingsport, TN As a dental practitioner, showing love to your patients through quality care using updated technology can help dental and oral health clinicians provide more accurate, faster, and well-rounded treatments. When a Swedish medical researcher invented dental implants in 1952, the procedure was a modern-day miracle. More massive breakthroughs emerged in digitally guided implant […]

5 Shocking Reasons to Ditch PFM Crowns

Kingsport, TN Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) dental crowns are a traditional treatment for dental patients needing restoration work. However, as the dental industry improves, different restoration options become available to provide a better result. Today on the blog, our expert dental lab technicians at Premier Dental Arts share five shocking reasons to ditch PFM […]

Tips on Accurate Shade Matching

Kingsport, TN Inaccurate shading is one of the most frequent culprits that require restorations to be remade. When you’re working with a dental restoration, you want to make sure it matches the shade of your patient’s other natural teeth and blends seamlessly with their smile. Just the slightest difference in the shade can make a […]

Understanding Digital Dental Impressions

Kingsport, TN Standard dental impressions help create restorations for dental patients. However, with consistent technological advances in dentistry, digital impressions are revolutionizing how dentists can create more accurate results for a natural look. Using lasers and other optical scanning devices, you can create a computer-generated model of your patient’s hard and soft tissues. The model […]