What is a dental digital impression?

Kingsport, TN If you’ve ever needed a dental restoration — a crown, bridge, veneer or retainer, for instance — then you may recall a putty-like material that your dentist would put in trays to make impressions of your teeth. Many dentist offices have embraced technological advances and are taking digital impressions now instead. Digital impressions, […]

4 Reasons you need Wax-Ups

Kingsport, TN As technology continues to advance worldwide, so do dental procedures. Most dental labs produced restorations manually in the past, but the industry continues advancing with the invention of digital impressions and virtual smile software. However, even though you may use cutting-edge technology, you should also practice some traditional processes. For example, creating a […]

What to do when Zirconia Crowns don’t Fit Right

Kingsport, TN Zirconia crowns are gaining popularity and quickly becoming a go-to treatment that provides strength, durability, and a natural smile for teeth with significant damage. Unfortunately, even though some dentists offer zirconia crowns, they may not possess the experience necessary to cement them, which can lead to ill-fitting crowns and put the patient’s oral […]

Is 3D Printing Worth the Hype?

Kingsport, TN As we have previously stated in our articles, the dental sector is being swiftly transformed by digital dentistry. The dentistry sector demands the quick and simple fabrication of components with complex customization. Therefore, orthodontic diagnostics and treatments greatly benefit from the use of three-dimensional (3D) dental printing. A crucial query, however, lingers in […]

The Best Way to Improve your Dental Implant Procedures

Kingsport, TN Digital impressions have become the new norm for implant treatments and are a long-overdue advancement in dentistry. The use of intraoral scanners during implant operations has several advantages. For example, some advantages to adopting digital methods for an extremely demanding and precise profession are time and cost savings, more accuracy, and a seamless […]

The value of Data Control

Managing info is a vital part of every single business. It will help companies provide you with more appeal to their clients and make more data-driven decisions. In addition, it can make a company more efficient and reactive. The process of info management will vary depending on a company’s structure. The goal is to provide […]