Tips for Creating Durable and Long-Lasting Prosthetics

Kingsport, TN Dental labs partner with dentists, using cutting-edge technology and materials to make devices, including long-lasting, durable and beautiful dental restorations that a patient needs to feel self-confident behind their smile. Creating dental prosthetics requires a dentist to morph into both a scientist and an artist and then communicate very detailed information to a […]

Understanding the Latest Dental Technology

Kingsport, TN Much to the delight of dentists, lab specialists and patients, dentistry has stepped into the modern world and gone digital! Technology is advancing, improving the overall dental experience for patients and dental teams. Our lab professionals at Premier Dental Arts in Kingston have put together a list of emerging, transformative technology that we’re […]

How do Digital Dentures Save Time?

Kingsport, TN For centuries–as far back as the 7th century, BC–people have been using some form of denture to replace missing teeth. Modern dentures have advanced by leaps and bounds from their historic predecessors. Today, digital dentures represent one of the latest achievements in the world of tooth replacement. There are several advantages to choosing […]

Common Dental Impression Errors

Kingsport, TN We never get a second chance to make a first impression. And in the dentist’s office, nobody wants to take a second impression! A perfectly fitted, customized dental restoration begins chair-side. Without an excellent impression, it’s impossible for a lab to fabricate a high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing restoration … or we can make it, but […]

4 Reasons you need Wax-Ups

Kingsport, TN As technology continues to advance worldwide, so do dental procedures. Most dental labs produced restorations manually in the past, but the industry continues advancing with the invention of digital impressions and virtual smile software. However, even though you may use cutting-edge technology, you should also practice some traditional processes. For example, creating a […]

What to do when Zirconia Crowns don’t Fit Right

Kingsport, TN Zirconia crowns are gaining popularity and quickly becoming a go-to treatment that provides strength, durability, and a natural smile for teeth with significant damage. Unfortunately, even though some dentists offer zirconia crowns, they may not possess the experience necessary to cement them, which can lead to ill-fitting crowns and put the patient’s oral […]

Is 3D Printing Worth the Hype?

Kingsport, TN As we have previously stated in our articles, the dental sector is being swiftly transformed by digital dentistry. The dentistry sector demands the quick and simple fabrication of components with complex customization. Therefore, orthodontic diagnostics and treatments greatly benefit from the use of three-dimensional (3D) dental printing. A crucial query, however, lingers in […]