Advantages of Digital Dentistry

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The world of dental science is continually growing and changing. Think about how dentistry has changed since you left dental school. You know the importance of maintaining a state-of-the-art dental practice. Today that means making use of digital technology. Digital imaging systems capture pictures for diagnostic purposes or impressions to be used as a model for restorations—all with maximum convenience for both patients and providers. Read on as Premier Dental Arts explains more about the advantages of digital dentistry.

Digital dentistry speeds up the process of receiving care

As recently as a few years ago, working with a dental lab meant scheduling a pick-up from the lab for the impressions to be picked up. Many dentists and labs operate this way still today. However, this process is slower, and there is a chance something could happen to the impressions before they make it to the lab. With digital dentistry, your lab receives those digital impressions in seconds and can get working on your case right away.

Digital images are more precise

When you take a picture of a patient’s tooth with a digital camera or intraoral scanner, you can zoom in and magnify the image. This allows for more precise measurements for the restoration, as you can check margins, occlusal clearance, and the overall design of the restoration before sending the information to our facility. More precise images also reduce the risk of human error, meaning fewer remakes, which results in happier patients.

Digital dentistry allows for greater collaboration

With the ability to transmit digital impressions with just the click of a computer key, we can collaborate with you at any point in the fabrication process. With the advent of screen-sharing and video conferencing, we can quickly address any questions about digital impressions or other details pertaining to the case. That means a streamlined process, quick turnaround time, and a manageable workload for your practice.

Digital dentistry means happier patients

For your patients, taking digital impressions is as easy as pushing a button. That’s much better and less uncomfortable than dealing with the traditional tray-and-putty system, also referred to on occasion as “the goop.” Patients avoid having to deal with that and receive their restorations more quickly, making for a more positive experience. And remember, happy patients are more likely to return and refer your services to their friends, family, and neighbors.

Digital images save time and money

Your overhead will decrease because digital impressions mean you no longer have to pay for the disposable materials used in the old-fashioned method. We all know the importance of saving money these days. This is also why digital technology in your dental office pays off over the long run. It also means less cleanup for your team members, allowing them more time to take care of patients or other priorities.

Your digital dental laboratory

At Premier Dental Arts, we can work with images from an intraoral scan performed with a variety of different cameras and scanners. We know the dental industry is competitive. That’s why we strive to produce beautiful, accurate restorations. Digital images increase your likelihood of an exact match to specifications. That’s why we’re the premier dental laboratory in the Southeast. Our team will work with you to make sure we produce the best results for our clients. To learn more about our dental laboratory services or to contact us directly, please call (888) 732-5221.