8 Key Facts about Digital Dentures

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Digital technology has changed every type of industry and business, including the field of dentistry. Various techniques and procedures have advanced through the advent of digital technology—such as dentures. The dentures of modern dentistry have come a long way from the unnatural set of replacement teeth sitting in a glass on the bedside table. Digital dentures function better, look more natural, and can be produced quicker than you might think. Read on as your region’s top dental laboratory Premier Dental Arts provides eight key facts about digital dentures.

Fact 1: Digital dentures are designed using software

This allows unprecedented levels of customization and individualization. A state-of-the-art dental lab even can use a photo of the patient’s teeth the way their teeth used to look to ensure size and bite are natural. The process of creating your digital dentures assesses several factors, including how the teeth should bite together, how far apart teeth should be, and any cosmetic concerns with the new dentures.

Fact 2: Digital dentures are made of resin

When it comes time to fabricate the dentures, the material used is a block of resin that is cured and quite durable. The resin is eight times more durable than the acrylic materials used to make conventional dentures. As the resin cures, it won’t shift or change its shape. This means that digital dentures have a more snug and comfortable fit, especially compared to traditional dentures.

Fact 3: Digital dentures look natural

When produced by a top-quality dental laboratory, digital dentures will look the same as the patient’s former, natural, healthy teeth. More good news: the design of the dentures will be saved by the lab. That means that if the patient’s dentures need to be repaired or replaced, the next set will look identical to the first.

Fact 4: Replacement digital dentures can be made quickly

As mentioned, with the denture design already on record, a replacement set can be produced in a day or two. By contrast, with traditional dentures, any damage or breakage means the entire process has to start all over again, complete with taking impressions of the patient’s teeth.

Fact 5: Digital dentures can be provided to the patient in just two appointments

In the past, receiving a set of dentures meant making several trips to the dentist. The patient had to get the impressions made, confirm they were made correctly, and ensure a precise fit of the dentures … the process can seem endless. Digital dentures entail two appointments: one to make a digital record that serves as a guide for fabricating the dentures, and one to receive the completed set of replacement teeth.

Fact 6: Digital dentures are built to last

Traditional dentures, even if they are extremely well-made, will need to be replaced every 5-10 years. Because these digital dentures are made of that hard resin, they usually last longer than conventional dentures. That frees up your dentist to schedule more patients for new work.

Fact 7: Digital dentures cost less than you might think

The use of advanced digital technology to create dentures does not necessarily increase the cost compared to traditional dentures. Replacement sets of digital dentures actually cost less because any appointments to take measurements or impressions are not needed, thanks to the digital file on hand.

Fact 8: Digital dentures probably are right for your practice

You know how competitive the field of dentistry can be. You want to provide the highest level of service at the forefront of dental science. When you factor in that digital dentures can be made more quickly, with fewer appointments and adjustments, freeing up more of your schedule, the advantages are clear.

Digital Denture Fabrication

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