4 Ways to Encourage your Team to Work Together

encourage team to work togetherKingsport, TN

There are opportunities for your team to work together every day, from morning huddles to caring for patients, and even at the end of the day when it’s time to prepare for departure. Teamwork is vital and is a critical component of your practice. Not only does it help make going into the office more enjoyable, but patients can sense it too. Likewise, they can tell when there is discourse among your team as well. While teamwork requires commitment and consistency, everyone on the team should understand the practice’s goals and ethics. In doing so, each of you will feel less stressed and experience an increase in productivity because your work will feel more meaningful. As a result, the practice will become more profitable. It sounds so easy, but how do you get there? If it were as simple as reading today’s blog, you’d already have it pulled off. However, many dental practices struggle to foster this essential aspect of operating a practice. So today, Premier Dental Lab shares four ways to encourage your team to work together.

Encourage Each Other

A building block of teamwork is uplifting each other, even if you’re struggling and someone else succeeds. It may be difficult to be happy and excited about someone else’s achievements while you’re struggling, but encouragement for one another fosters trust. Accomplishments should be celebrated because as one person succeeds, so can other team members. Likewise, if someone is struggling, bring the team together to offer support. It is also helpful to establish accountability to help team members reach their goals.

Resolve Conflicts Effectively

Conflict is going to occur in any team environment. It would be odd if it didn’t! But it’s how the team deals with the conflict that changes the trajectory of the outcome. Let it get the best of you, and conflict can dissolve a team quickly. Therefore, team members should be willing to support and provide insight to solve disputes.

Know Your Job

Every team member should know their job expectations. They should be given these expectations upon becoming a new hire. But even if you didn’t do this at that time, you can still outline their roles at any point so that they understand how their contribution supports the team and the practice’s goals.

Maintain Open and Respectful Communication

Communication in an open and respectful manner is the foundation of working together. Team members should feel safe expressing their feelings, opinions, concerns, or ideas without being criticized or fear of backlash. For this reason, it is crucial that each team member be committed to listening and showing respect to differing opinions.

Encouraging teamwork begins with trust. When team members feel that they can trust each other, they know that they can ask for help and won’t be judged. Trust also means that each person knows how to do their job effectively so that doctors and office managers can focus on their roles. Additionally, teamwork provides a sense of belonging, which fosters job satisfaction. Maintain a strong team environment to create a solid support system for everyone in the practice. As a result, your practice will be more successful, and going to the office every day will become more rewarding for you and the other team members.

So, we leave you with this……what are you going to do differently from this moment on to ensure your practice fosters teamwork?

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