4 Steps to find the Right Dental Lab for your Implant Needs

finding the right dental labKingsport, TN

As a practicing dentist, you know that dental implants are preferred for replacing missing teeth. Implant usage is becoming more widespread. A recent article by Forbes estimated that 23% of Americans would have at least one dental implant by 2026. Providing dental implants to your patients means you need to find a dental laboratory you can trust to fabricate the restorations. Here are four factors that can help you find the right dental lab to meet your implant needs.

Factor 1: Quality

Not all dental implant labs have the same standards. Certain facilities may use cheap or knock-off versions of implants that actually could harm your patients. When finding the right dental lab for your implant needs, you only should consider facilities that use materials approved by the American Dental Association.

Specific aspects that the dental laboratory should include:

  • The type of titanium alloy the facility uses to fabricate its implants
  • The number of different implant widths and lengths they have available
  • The material options they use

Make sure the implants that the dental lab offers have been studied sufficiently and determined to be both dependable and efficient. Another great resource can be reaching out to fellow dentists who may use the same facility. What do they think about the quality of that lab?

Factor 2: Reliability

When finding the right dental lab for your implants, producing quality restorations is just part of the equation. You also need to find a lab that has a reasonable time frame and will deliver the final product when you need it. Does the dental lab offer fast and easy ordering of the implants you need? How does it ship the final products? A top-notch dental lab offers a guaranteed turnaround time on any project and, when that time frame is not meant, offers adjustments to cost to compensate.

Factor 3: State-of-the-art Technology

As a dentist practicing at the forefront of your field, you pursue continuing education opportunities so that you remain up to speed on the latest technologies, procedures, and equipment used in dental science. The dental implant lab should have a similar commitment to improvement through continuing education and regular upgrades in technology. Certain dental labs even offer educational opportunities for dentists in the form of technical tips, classes, and online guides. If your dental lab is knowledgeable enough to help educate other professionals, you can feel confident that the facility will meet your implant needs.

Factor 4: Customer Service

In any profession, having a good history and reputation carries significant weight. That’s the case with dental labs as well. As a dentist, you strive to go above and beyond to provide the highest level of care to your patients. That means choosing a lab that offers outstanding customer service.

Questions to consider include:

  • Will the lab make time for your practice and provide prompt answers to any questions?
  • Does the lab maintain transparency about its deadlines?
  • Does the facility have a reputation for being honest and reliable?

Find a facility where you can answer “yes” to these questions to ensure a smooth process for you and your patients.

Your Dental Implant Laboratory

In conclusion, a great dental implant lab is involved in every aspect of the process, from the treatment planning to the final completion. Based in Kingsport, Tennessee, Premier Dental Arts is the top implant laboratory in the region. Our facility is the most recommended dental implant lab by oral surgeons in our geographic area. Our facility is certified to fabricate custom implant abutments for most major brands and works exclusively with brand-on-brand parts to ensure you receive the manufacturer warranty.

We understand that the relationship between your practice and your dental lab is critical to the overall success of your office, the quality of care you provide, and the satisfaction level of your patients. At Premier Dental Arts, we will respect your time and provide high-quality, predictable results. We can provide the quality restorations you need on time. And our highly-trained staff will complete your implant project while you enjoy our unparalleled customer service.

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