4 Reasons you need Wax-Ups

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As technology continues to advance worldwide, so do dental procedures. Most dental labs produced restorations manually in the past, but the industry continues advancing with the invention of digital impressions and virtual smile software. However, even though you may use cutting-edge technology, you should also practice some traditional processes. For example, creating a diagnostic wax-up may seem dated, but it can still provide customer value. Therefore, our dental lab experts at Premier Dental Arts share on the blog today four reasons you need wax-ups and how they can boost your bottom line.

  1. Display Outcomes to Patients

Although patients seek cosmetic and restorative work for their smiles, people are cautious about spending money on their teeth until they get all their questions answered. A huge benefit during the decision process is for the patient to see what their smile will look like once the treatments are complete. With a wax-up, you can show the patient exactly how their smile will change because of their treatment, boosting their confidence in decision-making. It can also encourage patients to care for their oral health after their new smile properly.

  1. Prevent Failure and Rework

Patients who visit your office for a dental crown or veneer implantation anticipate leaving with a radiant, natural-looking smile that feels great. However, if you cut corners on the professional dental lab process, the patient may leave your office feeling dissatisfied and irritated. Unfortunately, that may mean you must redo the patient’s treatment, which may create a negative business image or cause them to go elsewhere for dental care. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid many problems that need rework by starting with a high-quality wax-up and treatment plan.

  1. Spend Adequate Time Preparing

In most circumstances, determining the most appropriate action course for a patient’s care is simple. However, some are more complex and need greater focus. The more difficult cases include multiple details that can confuse the patient, and when you have a model of their mouth to illustrate what you’re saying, the patient is more likely to understand more. You can plan and tailor your patient’s therapy without touching their teeth using diagnostic wax-ups.

  1. Focus on Accuracy and Quality

Several dental clinics try making their wax models but lack experience in this field, achieving subpar results that can be detrimental to the patient’s care. On the other hand, our dental lab technicians have extensive education and training in accurately replicating patients’ teeth and gums. Therefore, it’s vital to the overall restoration accuracy and quality that you use a wax-up provided by a professional dental lab for the best results.

Premier Dental Arts

Working with a reputable dental lab with a successful track record when creating diagnostic wax-ups may lead to more accurate diagnoses, successful restorative or cosmetic procedures, and satisfied patients. In addition, wax models made by a dental laboratory are a small investment compared to the long-term profits possible from a happy, repeat customer. So, our dental lab professionals at Premier Dental Arts encourage you to use wax-ups for improved results and more satisfied patients. To find out more about wax-ups or other dental lab needs, please call our office at (888) 732-5221 or contact us online.