3 Reasons to Upgrade Technology in your Practice

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Dental technology is always evolving, but recently there has been an influx of tech gadgets and products that promise to deliver amazing results in less time. It sounds like the perfect answer for a busy dental practice. But choosing which technology is best and that will give you the biggest bang for your buck can be a challenge, especially if your budget leaves something to be desired. New technology is meant to make your life easier and produce better results far superior to the technology used in the past. And new things are hitting the market all of the time! But today on the blog, we share three reasons to upgrade technology in your practice and why the decision will pay off big time in the long run.

Reduces the number of tools needed for procedures

Technology is designed to simplify life. The technology you choose will likely reduce the number of tools and materials needed for specific procedures. For instance, if you’re choosing a dental laser for surgeries, you won’t need a scalpel, sutures, and scissors since the laser cauterizes tissue as it goes. Assistants can set up the rooms quicker, and it looks less cluttered and intimidating to the patient.

Reduces the amount of time patients spend in the chair

The one thing all dentists wish they had more of is time because there never seems to be enough of it in the day. Using newer technology in your practice means that patients will spend less time in the chair. They will be happy, and so will you because you can fit more appointments in your day or free up time for continuing education, team activities, or time off. Patients already feel like they are too busy to fit in dental appointments, even when they are needed. Upgrade your practice’s technology so that you can meet the needs of patients better by helping them get on with their day.

Improves success rate of your procedures

Used correctly, new technology improves the success rate for procedures. This helps save your patients time, money, and discomfort by avoiding repeat treatments and having to fork over the cash for redoing a procedure later on. You got into the field to help patients and improve their lives, so commit to upgrading your technology to do just that!

In essence, upgrading your technology benefits you, your team, and your patients. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. You might look at their flashy price tag and immediately be put off, but think about the benefits before you purchase it. Be sure you’re buying the right technology that your practice needs. If you aren’t sure which model or brand to choose, ask around, visit manufacturer websites to read more information about them and speak with your dental sales rep for their opinion on the matter. Don’t be hesitant to introduce new technology. Many manufacturers also offer on-site or virtual training to ensure each team member is up to snuff on how to use the new technology.

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