3 Reasons to Ditch Traditional Impressions and Switch to Digital

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The dental industry continuously evolves to envelope the most cutting-edge procedures to recreate a patient smile. Although many dentists may feel more comfortable with traditional methods, updating treatments that use technology can be more effective and efficient. Even more important, your patient will receive top-quality services when you invest in alternatives to technology for your practice. Our dental lab experts at Premier Dental Arts share on the blog today three reasons to ditch traditional impressions and switch to digital so that your patients receive the best results possible.

Time Consuming

Traditional impressions must be prepared and mixed before applying it to the patient’s teeth. Then, a dental assistant must stay with the patient and hold the mold in the patient’s mouth for several minutes. Unfortunately, problems with the impression may not appear until it arrives at the dental lab, which means your patient must return for another appointment to have impressions taken again. Our professional dental lab technicians explain that digital impressions can reduce the time required to prepare, cut back the time where a dental assistant holds the mold and can provide immediate results. If there is a problem with the scan, it can be redone immediately and not require an additional appointment. Therefore, digital impressions can save valuable time for your patients and practice.


The dental industry has a bad rep for painful or uncomfortable procedures and treatments. Unfortunately, traditional impressions add to the fear as some patients suffer from a sensitive gag reflex and may react to the impressions, making it a stressful experience for everyone. Our dental lab technicians explain that digital dentistry can help create a pleasant, comfortable office experience. In turn, your patients are happier and more willing to return to your office for other treatments and recommend your practice to neighbors, friends, and family members.


Even though traditional impressions still work in dentistry, they have pitfalls that prevent them from being the best method of capturing the patient’s bite. For example, a small jerk to the impression can provide false data the dental lab will use to produce the restoration or appliance, resulting in an ill-fitting piece that may dissatisfy your patient. Fortunately, our dental lab techs explain that digitally scanning your patient’s smile will collect the most accurate data that’s reviewable immediately. The result is a reduced likelihood of needing to obtain an additional impression set and more accurate measurements for the new restoration or appliance piece.

Traditional impressions have served the dental industry for years. However, with the influx of technology and the efficiency and accuracy that comes along with it, you can provide stellar solutions for your patients faster and with fewer complications. Choosing digital dentistry increases patient satisfaction, saves your team time, and helps meet patient needs. To find out more about digital scans or digital dentistry, feel free to contact our professional dental lab at Premier Dental Arts by calling (888) 732-5221 or contact us online today.