3 Must-Ask Questions before Choosing a Dental Lab

choosing a dental labKingsport, TN

Choosing the best dental lab for your practice can be overwhelming. Whether opening a new dental office or having an established practice, your relationship with the dental lab and its technicians is crucial to your patient’s happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, before making a final selection and submitting your first order, there are some common questions to ask before receiving an unpleasant surprise later. Our expert dental lab technicians at Premier Dental Arts share on the blog today three must-ask questions before choosing a dental lab so that you can be clear on what to expect when you begin working with them.

Does your dental lab use genuine parts from the manufacturer?

Like any other business, some dental labs seek to reduce production costs and may resort to creating restorations with off-brand products. Unfortunately, the use of subpar materials can create problems for both the dentist and the patient. Therefore, our dental lab experts recommend asking the dental lab about the parts used to create restorations or appliances. This question is to protect both your and your patient’s interests. Otherwise, you may have to have the product remade, which could be an inconvenience for your patient.

Does your dental lab send work off-site?

Some dental labs use outside production facilities in other countries where materials and labor are cheaper to minimize costs. The laws in the United States that protect consumers against inferior products or harmful substances don’t always apply to imported products. Unfortunately, that means your patient could be at risk for harmful side effects. On the other hand, choosing a quality dental lab that works exclusively within the United States and abides by the law ensures that your patients are safe from potentially dangerous materials.

Does your dental lab implement quality control measures?

As always, efficiency and speed are important to your dental practice’s bottom line. However, you also want to ensure that your patient’s restorations or appliances meet high-quality standards. After all, the quality you provide directly reflects on your practice. Therefore, our professional dental lab technicians encourage you to seek information about quality control measures the dental lab offers before the product arrives at your office. You can save time and frustration with quality products that will make your patients happy when you work with a dental lab that utilizes quality control measures.

Before committing to any one dental lab, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to save money and money and reduce stress. By removing inferior labs from your choices, you can increase practice credibility and patient satisfaction, which will keep the relationship strong year after year. Therefore, before placing an order with a dental lab, make sure you ask the three questions above. If you want more information about our high-quality, locally produced products or want to find out more about our dental lab, feel free to contact our dental lab pros at Premier Dental Arts by calling (888) 732-5221 or contact us online.